Friday, 27 March 2015

Inspiration #1 Fashion Criminal Records

Hello There
Sorry for disappearing, its been to long and looking at the date of my last post, makes me cry!
 Its been ages!!! School has got to calm down, i have no life! Last two weeks before the term ends evil teachers set all the deadlines and lazy Masha (as always) left it all to the last minute and I'm still not done! Thank god boring economics lessons i updated my tumblr page:)
Today I'm feeling black and white! But very soon - next week exactly the weather will be up to 30 maybe my mood will change to more colourful and summery inspiring pics!
If you have a tumblr page, leave below! I need new blogs to follow!! 

Stay tuned, Im back on track! Easter holidays are on!

-xoxo Masha

Friday, 13 March 2015

NEW IN | +1 Partner Papua Beachwear

Hey There!
Just a quick reminded that Im still alive! Sorry haven't posted in some time, but guess what? Its Lisbon Fashion Week, which means Ill be spending my weekend watching new collections, meeting people and obviously taking photos to share these moments with you! 
So stay tuned!
Now, listen to a little story... You know it, at the very moment, when the motor of the mail man motorcycle stops by your door, when the noise of heavy boots stepping closer and when the bell rings loudly, makes your day brighter! Those happy days you run to open the door and get that voluminous package and the excitement fills your eyes with happy tears! Only sound and lighting effects are missing when you lift that envelope into the air!! You know what I'm talking about? This happened to  me today morning when i received a little presents! But from whom? This is what this entire introduction was for! I wanted to tell you about:
My new Collaboration with Bikini Brand for this summer!!!! 
PAPUA Beachwear! - link -> go, like, buy! 
Their bikinis are simple beautiful, super comfy and Im so happy and thrilled to be working with them! Sunny days are almost almost here and ill strike my first visit to the beach in my brand new AUSTRAL separate piece which is *just by the way* on SALE right now!!

Check their shop, but for now, ill show you my favorites <3

Starting from the top:
1. Bikran 2. Gobi 3. Tycho 4. Atlas 5. Kayapo ;
but then there are just so many more i wish i could have!

And thats it for now! Enjoy your weekend and sunny weather! I heard there will be some rainy days coming but that doesn't mean you can't start your Summer'15 bikini collection right now, by visiting Papuas website! :) 

-xoxo Masha

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Grey Noise

Hello there!
Today, it will be a different kind of mood around here as i want to share with you something! 
When some sort of drama happens in my life mean people say something like "why don't you blog about it" as if bloggers share all their life in network like Kardashian sisters! Some use blogs as virtual diaries, its true, but in my case it wasn't like that, till this very moment. This post will be very personal, so if you're not into that just skip to the photos haha.. Personal, but not too personal since being behind the laptop screen on a late night before school, still won't give me enough courage to share it all out.. 
Over years i found myself as being very insecure person with big-time trust issues, as a person who sees only the worst possible outcome in any situation and as a person who believes that everything i say can and will be used against me... Gaining my trust is something harder than passing IB with 45 points, and not many people will be up for that... but those who are ready for it, really deserve it and are worth changing for, making those 45 points around 36 or so :) Still hard but achievable.. and when you do change, you expect this to be treated as an exception, you expect the person to be responsible for this change and therefore you hope this trust won't be broken.. I´ve always seen the trust itself as a tap of water with measurements, so that you can imagine that full tap would be 100ml which is 100% trust and empty tap means no trust... and then i always imagined patience to be an empty cup under that tap. Since its empty there´s a lot of space - a lot of patience but when it fills up there´s no patience at all as all space is filled with broken trust, with all the drops of water that signify all the actions that have hurt me or somehow broken my trust. Over time, the cup got so full it broke, and thats how betrayal felt, that everything was empty and broken inside of me.. Days became longer and pointless as if there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. Endless sadness was making me hate everything around me, my nervous system was failing and emotions were out of control... Day in sofa, day in bed.. You know this feeling? And as a person who moves a lot and who's usually very excited and full of life this mode was so not me and it disgusted me how lazy and pointless i became..  "Isn't this how all the ´others´ spend their depressed days" - I´d think.. but i wouldn't change it anyways.. so i became one of the others.. 
Support from my mother was something i never needed, i found myself stronger when nobody said anything like "Hey Im here for you" because then it would mean I'm weak and id want to tell the others how i felt and that would probably lead to tears.. and believe me, nobody wants to see my crying face! No matter how many times my mom and others tried to help i pushed them away from me... And then i hated myself for that.. somewhere deep inside tho because what was on top of that hating feeling was the anger for the betrayal... i couldn't feel anything.. not even love to myself.. Until it hit me - When you love yourself and project a positive ´vibe´ everything gets around.. So then they began, the renaissance days of Masha - exercising every day and healthy eating - all though some fatty tasty treats were essential as well :) 
The moral of the story - there are days and even weeks, slowly flowing into months that you might be feeling depressed, might be feeling sad and empty but theres always a way out! I found mine - running, running to see the sunset on the beach or running on the golf pitches.. it cleared my head and made me feel better about myself!
You might be thinking "I hate running" ... guess what? two years ago, i would invent any excuse for not doing PE lessons, id forget my kit and make my mom write me notes - or even fake the notes and write them myself! But once, things weren't going well and i went for a walk... and i ended up by running a little.. since then, i decided i would do those walks whenever i was feeling sad and that how my love for running grew! (i just realise i had a pretty sad life because i was running literally 2 or 3 times a week!! oops..) you might find any other activities that interest you or that will make your mind go away from the things and everything will get better!
Regarding this outfit.. It was on a day i decided to catch up with my other old friend i haven't seen in ages! It didn't really get my mind off the depression as for those 3 hours - which passed faster than the blink of your eyes when you first wake up in the morning - we let us share the grey noise in our lives and it was the moment of closure and relief which afterwards made me feel lighter as i let go of all the weight in my heart. After that, we happily finished with a big hug of support and a little photoshoot for you my lovelies! 

hope you enjoy the photos! 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Peachy Afternoons

Hey guys!
A week of holidays is great! A week of holidays, alone in your room doing homework for the two schools you've got - is NOT great at all! Without the right motivation or help it can get pretty tiring and thats what happened.  Luckily, or not, this year is my last year of my Russian school and penultimate year of my International school which means First year of IB program. If your doing it - god bless you; if you've heard of it - you might've heard how hard it is, but no you have no idea how hard and time-consuming it is! How teachers are literally evil and set all homework to the closest date, when you have no time to do anything, or to 50 years later, so that you forget about it and do everything on the night before! Oh, they also love setting all the subjects on the same day - as well as all the tests! Over this week of "holidays" i have test preparation, 2 essays, TOK 5 min video presentation, CAS video editing, read a book, questions of the book + i need to read, understand and learn the 2 years course for all the subjects in my Russian school and prepare myself for the exams that will happen in the same time as my IB exams in my International School! Isn't that wonderful? Sorry guys, i needed to spill this out, because every time I'm studying, i get so mad.. but hey! This post is not about the darkest moments of my holidays! A friend of mine, which i haven't seen in like 2 years, invited me for lunch and some catching up / gossip time, which brightened up my week! 
I am a person, that plans every single move ahead. When traveling, as i said on my posts about Porto trip, i make sure i know what to do every day, what things to visit, what restaurants to go to but this time it was different! We decided the place literally 5 minutes before leaving house, that was annoying me for some time but when i let it go, let go of my own self and it worked! We got together, and for the rest of the day we did not shut up! literally! Talking about so many things, all though our lives don't really connect, we still had some things to laugh about and it was a very nice getaway from papers, books and calculations! 
For the sunny day in the centre of the city, wondering around streets i used to visit literally every day, i wore my comfy uggs obviously, grey jeans from H&M, Zara sweater with cut out sides and a halter top underneath to keep me warm hihi
Im not very an accessory person, since the only thing i carry is my phone and folded 20euros in my pocket. I don't like necklaces (not in casual day to day life) since you have to make sure they don't move or i anything so i don't usually wear them but i guess that day, the sun was shining in a different way so i decided to take my Furla bag for the camera, my phone and those folded 20 euros. I actually  noticed it made me feel different as if the bag gave me more feminine look and less boyish and "teenager like" - maybe it was the style of it:) + the necklace from Lefties i think, bought it ages ago! And the look was done and i felt the happiest and the prettiest! :) Oh, Happy day!

P.S. friendly reminder, you should ALL participate in the Giveaway of the Silver Clutch
Hurry up its NOT gonna last forever! 
Enjoy the photos of that day, the tasty burger and the "wanna be LA" streets of Cascais and my peachy grey outfit! 

-xoxo Masha